Happily the weekend begins!

      Summer is the perfect time to have our guest spaces ready for welcoming i’m.promp.tu travelers!
      Every space is different, but the essentials are the same…

      My Top 3 essentials…

      Some guests get pampered in vintage guest cottages… 
      This is a very very special old little cottage that was on our property at the beach. 
      We renovated it to become a guest cottage, we actually lived in it for over a year while we built the main house with our newborn baby… {That’s another post}! 
      The interior walls had beautiful old european cruise-line menus from the 40’s and beautiful countryside photos that the original owners had decoupaged on the walls. 
      I felt the love they put there…somehow there was a stuardship to preserve them and leave them in tack. 
      The leaded window in the tiny kitchen was salvaged from the main house for the guest house. 
      The cross buck dutch door I had made. It was a must have for me… I grew up in a old house in the midwest and our house had a front entry dutch door!
       Special memories too…
      Our new little baby spent his first year and a half right there, about 3 feet away from us!
      Many guests frequented this tiny seaside cottage with a ocean view…

      This cottage has a nice space for a charming table and chairs for morning espresso!
      Depending on your style you may have more elegant quarters.

       Guest essentials are the same…
      A light filled room with nicely made bed of fresh crisp linens and cozy down pillows.
       Shades or curtains might be nice for sleeping in.
      No.1 A great bed is essential.
      No guest should sleep on one of those couches that fold out into a bed!
       {just try one, you will not stay more than one night}!!!
      My family would rather throw down a sleeping bag!!!

      This is my guest room, {above} a suite with walk in closet and full bathroom.
       A bit more masculine…a beautiful country view out the french doors over looking the pool.
      We love for guests to enjoy it when my oldest is away at college…


      An attic or loft room can be just as cozy with twin beds…
       again, a great mattress!


      Your guest could have a small table or desk, a place to write a note or use their lap top.
      Paper, pen, envelopes and stamps would be a sweet gesture.
      Love how this vintage desk fits perfectly in the niche, pretty sconce for ambient light.


      No. 2 essential to A place for them to unpack their bags so they feel settled in..
      Love this idea…a simple DIY project!

      Slip a little something sweet on their nightstand before bed. 
       Perhaps some fresh picked cherries, decadent chocolate or both!!!
      Always *Always* Always
      No. 3 essential to have fresh flowers!
      Simply cut a few fresh flowers from your own garden! 

      This is one of my favorite vintage baby bottles, 
      I love to gather roses from my garden for my guests arrival. 
      Simply implies 
       “Welcome to our home”

      My Design tip: A guest room should be clean and comfy, a great mattress is essential, add some vintage french linens and viol`a. Sleep in your guest quarters and see if you would be back for another night!!!

      SSO SECOND SHOUT OUT is a fabulous on line Vintage Lifestyle Destination shopping site.
       Everything you need for inspiration, designing and accouterments can be found there.
      Fun to shop for your vintage lifestyle and find it beautifully curated on one site. 
      They have some exquisite european monogrammed cotton sheets and linens for your guest quarters!
      I LOVE shopping there and you will too!

      Enjoy your beautiful weekend!