I hope most of the world got the chance to tune in to see Oprah’s interview with RALPH LAUREN.

      All I could say or think was he is just how I imagined he would be.. So genuine and his family and his wife are all cut from the same fabric! A beautiful story and love story, an amazing Ranch.
      So darling… I would never leave,except to meet a helicopter up near the Vance….Delivering my Starbucks! Then I would want to go in the beautiful old barn and look at RL fabrics!
      I am so glad that I watched. It was a special interview, Oprah did a fantastic interview and really asked the perfect questions! What did you think about it?
      I wore a red gingham shirt today in honor of RL*
      I found some modeling pics from my archives that remind me of his ranch and the interview! They are fun to see, my kids still ask ..Did I get to keep the clothes? Answer is: sometimes… Usually they are one of so, no!

      Have a beautiful weekend *

      A Big Congrats wish to my Cousin *TAYLOR* who is Graduating from HIGH SCHOOL*
      Proud of you and Love you, See you there!