Morning Darlins,

      As promised, i’d share my guest stylist looks with you! 
      Tradtionally, when we think of bridal our color vision is white.
       Lace & satin with flowing veils and beautiful bouquets.

      I was  thrilled and honored a few weeks ago when I was invited as one of four special guest stylists for a a luxury bridal runway show in San Diego, Ca. The Wedding Party Bridal Show.
       My assignment was to pick 4 models,8 gowns from groups that we’re offered.
       Story boards complete with hair & make up. Ellie & her team from a A NEW TWIST, She got my vision quickly!
       Accessorizing our our own designer couture looks for each gown.
       I was honored to share my vintage style brand last Sunday. 
      A beautiful bridal venue at “Vintana” for the bridal industry as well as brides.

      My hope was to share inspiration for brides to dream the beautiful possibilities 
       a vintage wedding.

      Here are the CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE brides.

      by Stacy Childers Photography who’s beautiful eye behind the camera captures all.
      A vintage french candle holder, beaver hat, opera gloves & heirloom jewelry.
      Winter is … snowflakes, woolens & bells. 

      I made this felted woolen headpiece, 
      it has tiny bells that quietly jingle like a sleigh in the snow, she had a wrist to match.

       Simple springs nests, twigs are elements from nature. 

      White vintage french linen cuffs embellished with heirloom broaches for a touch of sparkle.
      Of course the garden inspired this head piece for Spring. 
      I wasn’t sure how I would design & construct this but my vision was pure spring garden.
      Here was the beginning of my moss, fennel & brussel sprout tiara at the farmers market!
      Summer… is breezy scents of lavender. 
      Transforming a vintage wicker wall pocket into a lace strapped pack with fresh lavender was simply perfect.
      A beautiful tule dress, 
      I was inspired by our lemon grove to fill my favorite french basket cart with branches of fresh lemons from home.
      Every bride should wear something blue, these heirloom blue rhinestones were just what I needed to make this bracelet.
       She wore earrings and a necklace of blue vintage rhinestones too.

      A vintage bow & arrow bag filled with long stems of fragrant white stock, 
      a lovely vintage mink puff I made into a wristlet.
       Earthy twigs were shaped for her crown.
      Autumn harvest comes to mind so I found the perfect white root vegetables!
      A vintage white tule apron that belonged to my grandmother would be the perfect piece to bring  elegance to the harvest.
      each season is unique, just as the seasons of life….

      My Design Tip: A vintage Lifestyle is about creating a story with objects that reflect nostalgia. Beauty can be brought to everyday life through simple pieces reflecting how we live.
      Style isn’t about following a trend.

      A beautiful Mother’s Day weekend to all.

      Thank you to PAMELA NOXEN producer of the WEDDING PARTY BRIDAL SHOW, San Diego’s premier luxury bridal event.
      ANDREA KENNEDY Fashion show/models coordinator.
      all the lovely stylists whom brought their best to this luxury BRIDAL event. 
       I appreciate your beautiful endevors.

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      How beautiful, Gail. Can't imagine putting all of this together – know it was amazing to watch!

      Very creative and beautiful. Happy Mothers Day!

      Thank you Dore, Happy Mother's day to you!
      Yes lots of creative fun, lots of hours too! Challenging to get something to stay on the head though, I felt like an engineer! It's one thing for a still shoot but walking was tricky!
      Thank you for stopping by! Out to harvest lemons… xo

      So artistically presented.
      Love the twig nest bouquet could also have been a winter holiday bouquet because of the lights.
      It's so fun to put on a design event with artful play.
      My favorite photo is the back side of that gown with the molded bride pulling the basket of lemons.
      The bird nest bouquet with the twigs and nest would have also been fun to create a birdcage head piece with veiling flowing.

      You must have had so much fun creating and watching the beauty of it transpire!
      Well Gail looking forward to you topping this post 🙂

      Lots of Mothers Day love
      Happy Mothers Day