Summer is the perfect time to be inspired by vintage design.. Special occasions…outdoor weddings…
      I Love celebrations that are embellished with beautiful flowers and unique themes.
      For my Second Shout Out Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage”I styled a few items for 
      A “Country Chic Wedding, perhaps it could have some pretty vintage items like these…
      Oval Beveled Mirror

      The weddings seem to reflect The Bride… She should have something vintage… like this pretty oval beveled mirror to check her lipstick one more time….

      Her Jewelry, something vintage… Like this vintage beautiful pearl bracelet on wire with dangly pearls that catch your eye when
      the groom holds her hand for the ring!

      Flowers…Natures’s romantic gift…They should be simple, yet reflect the wedding style and be beautifully arranged in something vintage…perhaps this country chic wedding basket!

      Do you know the story of Victorian wedding baskets?
      The story will continue…on my Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” hop over to
      Second Shout Out…  

      Have a beautiful weekend Darlins…