Hello Darlins,
      A beautiful Mother’s Day weekend to you….
      I have to say how grateful we are for *RAIN * yesterday here in California!

      The hail and thunder in the middle of the night had our dogs a bit frightend,
      Into the garage with a little Beethoven music till morning!

      All is well… our Lemon Grove is happy happy happy from the fresh drink of water..

      Speaking of fresh… Cottage fresh,
      Don’t you think even the tiniest of cottages is endearing?
      A cottage is a place to relax with a few things to furnish the space.

      There is always flowers… 

      Painted sufaces, usually white with a window or door that lets the quiet breeze in.

      Slips are practical 
      lovely for cottage furnishings.

      Tommorow is Mother’s Day, 

       Shop for gifts or for yourself, Mother’s Day is really everyday!

      My Design Tip: To lighten up your space for summer, think cottage fresh. Simple & cozy!

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      Happy Mother’s Day!

      Happy Mothers Day dear,
      And yes the tiny spaces speak to my heart.


      An absolutely wonderful display of ideas for my cozy cottage! I think I'll work on making some flowered pillow covers for my enclosed patio! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Anita