Mornin Darlin’s!

      With the last Autumnal days upon us…
       it’s time to gather, reflect & prepare our homes for family and guests.
      My home borrows the colors of Thanksgiving from nature…
      A present for our eyes and soul to experience.
      I use this vintage cornucopia on my front door, 
      gathering some natural elements from outdoors.
       White roses, twigs & branches.
       Tucking in a vintage flash card I found years ago *Thanks*
      As we prepare for our guests,
       we  might arrange a cornucopia 
      {A horn shaped vine or wicker basket}
      with fruits, petite pumpkins & nuts like the Pilgrims.
      If you were to peek into the dining room window from outside you might see…
       the warm glow of candles, beautiful vintage dishes and linens gracing the table.

      Using your most comfortable chairs for guests will ensure they stay & linger for a long while.
      After dinner… I hope you set aside some time to lounge about in  a lovely worn leather chair, 
      in a room filled with books!
      Simply sharing some favorite memories and being together.
      For me… those are the moments that make it all worthwhile!

      My Design tip: Thanksgiving should be about the grace and the meal. Simple elements with vintage is the perfect balance.

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      “Saturday’s Designing with Vintage” series. 
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      From my home to yours 
      “Happy Thanksgiving”


      Good Morning Gail, Your cornucopia on the front door is beautiful! Love the white roses with the mix. Enjoyed seeing the pics from pinterest and the plaid comfy chairs spoke to me! Your taste is exquisite…..Happy Thanksgiving and many Blessings! Roxie