A beautiful September to you..

      I hope your weekend was relaxing & fun!
      Ours was filled with landscape projects, cleaning out the workshop & hosting a dinner party!
      All of which I enjoyed…

      We had dinner guests that were touring around and went to see the new powder bath..
       I will be revealing it soon here!

      Both husband and wife LOVED the powder bath, they came out saying this person would love it and that person would love it!!
      Awe… a sweet feeling after you put soooo much thought, research and time into a space.
      A sneak peek at the 100 year old marble sink..
      I was on pins and needles opening the crate, it was shipped from New York.
       It made the trip across the coast beautifully!!

      I LOVE having a little stack of vintage finger tip linens for guests.
      I had some vintage glass I was saving cut to size for this frame. The size just fit!

      These might be the last of the heirloom rose blooms from the garden …

      Soon I will do the reveal, I’m waiting for a couple more finishing details, you know how that goes!

      Off to back to school night, one week under our belt, last night a photo shoot for Senior pics!

      A lovely evening to you,