What a beautiful summer day it was here in So Cal… I have a special guest here tonight, my cousin Mary! We made dinner together and celebrated my birthday. She brought a custom Kimtini cocktail!

      What is it you ask… Well it is named in honor of my cousin Mary’s sweet friend Kim.
      My cousin was visiting Kim and when she left to come here she sent a batch with her.
      The recipe is simply fresh squeezed lemon, premium russian vodka, a little sugar to taste and a crushed fresh sprig of mint. We used fresh chocolate mint from my herb garden and it was pretty and delicious.
      We chilled the glasses and rimmed them with sugar for an extra sweet sip!
      So there you have it, a Kimtini!!
      Have a great start of the week….If you want to try this cocktail poolside or just in the back yard you will love it!
      Cheers to Kim and all of you!

      Hi Gail!
      I love Martini's and will try this for sure!
      My lemon trees are doing great but there is something happening with my lime trees..fruit is dying!
      I really enjoy your photographs, very artistic.
      You are as talented behind the camera as in front of it!