This year sure went quickly… it is time to shut the door on 2011!

      The best and sweetest memories I will tuck in my heart and all the others I will file accordingly….
      I am very detailed and organized in my thoughts!!!
      What about you… do you make resolutions? Every new year is a special time for me because I do reflect and step forward and love my journey.
      Hmm…This year was a big change for me and I felt I took a lot of personal leaps, got really uncomfortable,worked extremely diligently and it feels good to look back on my year.
      The old saying goes… If you don’t try… I guess you can’t fail! But truth be told, your fearful and lack self confidence.. Personally failure is a component which we can learn from. Not trying is playing it safe and not truly living. You are not successful until you have failure bottom line….
      How about you did you meet your goals, did you make any leaps, are you happy about your year as you reflect?
      Well, Darlins here’s to you… Cheers*** With a grateful heart, I Thank you for taking the time and stopping by to visit me here at Casual Loves Elegance! I am having fun with my blog! I am staying true and honoring my intention of why I first began this blog. I am proud of my self that I didn’t get into creating an advertising blog or try commercialize it.
      I am olde school and always stay focused on my intention! I enjoy your comments and emails. It connects me to such beautiful people and ya’ll are so kind to me! I love to visit your wonderful blogs too!
      Some photos here at home…of my son’s Birthday hat, my husbands shoes he bought and wore for our wedding and his Tux shirt and Bow tie form past celebrations!

      *Happy New Year’s eve*
      {Be Safe}
      You’re the Best!

      hello gail! thank you for paying me a visit! i hope you have a fab 2012. all my best to you.