Morning Darlins,
      There has been times when it would have been sweet to have and outdoor bath. 
      Especially after a long day of gardening or at the beach.
       Summer is the perfect time to get started on  a new project!

       These outdoor spaces with their vintage accoutrements work well with natures elements.

      This courtyard looks spa like!
      Simple & clean!

      My Design tip: An outdoor bathing space should have some privacy, hanging some vintage sheets can help with that, easy to put up and take down.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG my Saturday’s designing with Vintage” series for the rest of the post. 
      Also shopping for vintage here.

      A beautiful Saturday to you,

      You and me both Gail, I here you on this natural bathing experience.
      Up in Washington when we lived on the lake we had an outdoor bath it was amazing, here it would not work out for me. Yet you could so add a bath in your yard fitting right in with your garden room.
      That second photo I used a couple of years ago in a natural beauty product give away! I have always been inspired by its beauty, but now I see more that would inspire such a bath that inspires a natural yard of beauty.

      Thank you for this share.
      Have a beautiful weekend.


      Wouldn't it be so nice to bathe outside! Back to nature I say! I am not sure my neighbors would dig it though, lol. We are planning to buy a house with a few acres of land and this might be doable. Thanks for the inspiration!