A beautiful Saturday to you,
      mmmm Linen….
      Cool, crisp or fresh off the clothes line.
      Linen has to be a favorite summer textile. 
      It flows elegantly and it’s purely timeless.
      Linen can be dyed, monogrammed, pleated & embellished beautifully.
      Vintage linen is in a elite catagory of it’s own, especially european. 
      The weight of linen varies as well.

      This summer let’s usher in some linen to our summer homes. 
      I think you will fall in love with this elegant classic.

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      My Design tip: Linen can be used for unlimited applications. It’s just as beautiful relaxed with out ironing.

      Enjoy this last weekend of June, 
      I hope it’s all you dream of.

      Hop over to my Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” blog series at SSO & shop for summer treasures.

      I love the Linen Hemp tent, you can so see the softness in the movement of the fabrics, and the human made not manufactured galvanized piping structure. A line ticking strip thrown over the chair, and a rollaway bed piled with layers of mattresses and comforters of linen, so not fair that we all who visit don't have our very own out of Africa tent like this one.

      I so wish I had the backyard that I could do something like this? But Gail you sure do! And we would love to see one in your yard up against the grove.

      Love all the inspiration foto's here so much so I fill my home with as much as I can find. I have been spending my days sewing up holiday items for my etsy so I can have a jump start, and while doing so I sewed up some pillow shams out of Linen I had for a year and just could not drag myself to the machine to get it out of the way. So happy I got as much done, I even sewed up the Irish linen I had in bath sheets leaving the frayed edges yet protecting the sheet bay adding a double seam around the whole sheet. French bath sheet towels are so darn costly over $50.00 a sheet. I havé Now six of them along with our every day older one's. Nô Terri cloth towels around here, it's all about the authentic that moves your spirit about your home loving the vibe if gives off. Peacefully aged in time.

      Now that I used up so much of my linens my cupboards and drawer are suffering their absence of stacks of linens.
      See you soon Gail, I am going to snag that tent foto from your site, and dream!


      Gail I love linen in all forms! A freshly scented linen sheet is so luxurious!!
      Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!

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      Such beautiful inspiration in just the stack of faded linens alone. But oh how I love the canvas tent setting…it's similar to the style I am renovating our vintage travel trailer in. Linens are everywhere in my sea cottage. I like them naturally wrinkled…no ironing for me.