Hello Darlins,
      This time of year is so beautiful isn’t it?
       I LOVE the decor, nature & pet photos that are being shared…
       A visual reminder how the spirit Christmas is everywhere.
      This year our greens were placed on mantles, headboards, balconies etc.
      I had full intention to add twinkle lights to everything,
       but instead this year …
      I want simple…
      Loving the dark green natural look, without lights. 
      They are so pretty I want to enjoy them simply for what they are… evergreens.
      Here’s the dining room fireplace mantle this Christmas.
      Nothing is perfect… yet I don’t think about perfect for anything. 
      It’s pretty enough!
       Everything is vintage.
       The Louis Philipe mirror is a treasure find & is turn of the century.
      Nothing matches…I use what I love & that has purpose.
      The warm simple glow of candles will offer soft & cozy light for dining.
      These two white wood candle pedestals are tops of fence columns.
       a friend gave me some fence posts years ago,
       he said… I knew you would want these! 
      He was right…
       I loved repurposing them for large candles, I use them indoor & outdoor all year.
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      A beautiful cozy week & sending you wishes for all that’s magical for you!