Let’s talk a little brick?
      {not the slap on the wall veneer}
      When there is brick or stone in a space think about this, does it feel instantly cozy?
      Perhaps, it connects us to the warmth associated with fireplaces.
      Brick laying is an art.
      {True story… our old beach house had a lot of brick pathways. I took it all up because I didn’t like the  pattern! I just had a new baby so in my spare time…I changed the brick! I loved it, importantly I learned to appreciate it was hard work & was an art.}
      There are so many beautiful patterns that can create a one of a kind story.
       Old worn brick has history and character.
      Using reclaimed brick or stone is the perfect way to add some history and vintage aesthetic to any project.
      In SoCal it’s rare to see homes built with brick. 
      Real brick or stone is always integrated into my design projects.

      These pretty images sum it up!!!

       OLD world gorgeous & stylish.
      Gallery appeal for showcasing art and beautiful objects.

      Industrial chic, yet cozy.
      Aged lime washed beams & white washed brick.
      LOVE LOVE LOVE this combo….
      Can wait to get to this part in my project!


      Hearth & Home feeling..

      If you have old brick in your house already, expose it…
      Pretty things take time and patience.
      Yes it takes a lot of work, 
      please… don’t get lazy & paint it…
      My opinion, it takes charming to a cold hospital feel…

      Let the natural, aged appearance become the beautiful art it is….

      My Design tip: Brick & stone offers an aged presence. Finding it in a home already is a treasure.
      Try cleaning it and appreciate the time that was taken to lay each brick one by one.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT blog for my Saturday’s Designing with vintage.
      & Shop some new pieces I just added to my store!
      They also have gorgeous reclaimed materials….stone, beams, flooring etc.

      A beautiful continued Valentine weekend to you,

      Thank you for stopping by and I'm happy that you find the post useful…I try to encourage design that uses what we already have if possible, sometimes it's really about patience… just seeing a project in a different way! Happy Spring!

      Yes, a pretty cool kitchen! Thanks for stopping by!

      I read your post and i appreciate your efforts.The information that you share in the above article is very nice ans useful.All the things that you share with people, are very nice.Thanks for this article.

      I always love the charm that old brick adds to any room – just adore the kitchen!!

      Hi Dore,
      Wouldn't that be fun! We have friends who live in a loft in San Diego. When you walk in its so unexpected…. The decor has is all large scale antique pieces. Mirrors that are propped against walls, marble everything. Seriously gorgeous!
      Thanks for stopping by!

      I'm so glad you did just that, I bet it is gorgeous…Just a plain sheet tock wall would look totally different! It those unique features that really elevate style!
      Thanks for visiting,

      Hi Marsha, Oh I would love to see your space,sounds pretty! If it's not old brick I understand, You can over grout it and leave a little peaking through. Here's a thought…before you cover it up, you might try an area and live with it and see if you like it…

      I adore all your photos in this post. One of the cheapest and most time consuming projects we did in our home was to expose the brick on our stairway wall. It is also a project that provided our home with a warm and welcoming feel. I say go for the look, you will never regret it.

      Hi Gail,
      I love exposed brick and its hauntingly beautiful soulfulness.
      I have always wanted to live in a N.Y warehouse converted into living space, or a loft of sorts.
      What beautifully inspiring photos.


      OMG, and I'm trying to talk someone into covering our brick fireplace completely.
      We have a very soft contemporary house, high ceilings, lots of glass and this brick does not look at all like the pics you've shown (how I wish it did). All I see are many different textures, glass, brick, sheetrock, draperies…& all of it looks like a mish-mosh to my sleek-oriented mind. xx's