Mornin Darlin’s….
      With each season it’s refreshing to prepare our homes & mudrooms with a clean slate. 
      A deep cleaning, editing & some organizing is easy & instantly rewarding!
      As the weather gets nippy we look forward to our autumn buntings & pulling our winter wardrobes.
      Storing & displaying them in a charming little space is simple luxury.
      A place to accessorize with some Vintage finds, gives the space some cozy character. 

      A row of boots, wellies & jackets almost seem decorative too!
      I just noticed I have a european bench just like this one on the left!
      Love all white…

      Simply charming!
      My Design tip: A mudroom is to give you extra storage & provide a sense of organization. Sparsely kept so that it doesn’t become a catch all space is essential.

      New accolades!
      My Love for nostalgia and vintage has been infused in my life since I was a very young girl. 
      Today, it’s the heart beat of my design & reflected in my lifestyle.

       When I was invited by the founders the darling “Hoover’s” to be a part of the SECOND SHOUT OUT TEAM & as a Vintage LIFESTYLE CONTRIBUTOR I was honored! 
      This opportunity to share my passion for vintage with others is powerful… what I love, how I design & implement vintage into my everyday lifestyle has been delightful.
      Every Saturday I write a blog post for  SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG- my series “Saturday’s Designing with Vintage” topics about design and living in beautiful spaces with vintage elements. Including MY DESIGN TIPS. Useful, practical suggestions that are easily adaptable.

      I’m excited and proud to share the newest accolade for  SECOND SHOUT OUT –  IN MARIE CLAIRE, named- one of the best 55 SHOPS to SHOP!

      Hurry & Hop over to shop my vintage collection at CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE and read my Saturday’s Designing with Vintage for SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG every Saturday! 

      Enjoy your beautiful day!

      Each image captures such cozy charm!

      Back again, looking for some Sunday inspiration.
      Seriously love thes rooms, something about the old-ness and some white paint fixes all.

      I am on your mailing list for your shout outs, love everything in your online shop.

      Keep shouting we need to hear what beauty you are offering.

      Beautiful week to you.