A lovely morning to you Darlin’s

      A casual moment at home with a latte…
      {15 minutes before I leave for a workout}

      Yippee some rain again last night here in SoCal.
      We have been praying for rain here, we are in a draught.
      Listening to the rain was a welcome sound…

      Hmmm… only a week before Valentines Day!
      Do you have big plans?
      I would love to hear what you do on Valentines!
      There isn’t a lot of time left so I better wear this now.
      My favorite Vintage pin that belonged to my Mother.
      She gave me this I think the first Valentines after I had my first son.
      I try to remember to wear it every year. 
      I still remember her wearing it when I was a young girl…

      I hope you have a beautiful Friday…

       Love for you to join me tomorrow for my
       SECOND SHOUT OUT  “Saturday Designing with Vintage” blog series here
       & on SECOND SHOUT OUT.

      Hi Vera, Thank you it has such sentimental meaning to me. I loved to see my mom wear it when I was a young girl on Valentine's. I hope you wear all your special jewelry from your mom too. I love we appreciate these special things from our moms. Sorry for your loss Vera, it is hard to loose our parents. Mine are both gone.
      I wish you love and sweet Valentine's…
      Thank you for your sweet comments.

      Hi Mary Ann, Yeah…we sure need the rain! Thank you, I'm grateful she gave it to me when she could see me wear it for many years. I don't have daughters but will pass it to a granddaughter someday. I cherish it Thank you!
      A lovely Valentines to you..

      HI Linda, Great planning! I have some planting to do while the ground is softer too.
      Thanks for visiting,
      A lovely Valentine's week to you!

      We are getting the rain up here, too, thank goodness. Such a sweet reminder of your mother.

      Really unique and pretty pin from your Mom. My Mom passed in 2010 and I too cherish her vintage pieces and the memories they bring back wearing them.

      The Rain, The Rain!
      In anticipation I fertilized the lawn, planted new and divided plants, repotted some and then slept with the windows open to be as refreshed as the garden this morning. Heaven.