Happy Friday

       it comes from everywhere and we use it for everything!

       I first became aware of the blog world several years back from the Julia Child movie. 
      Story of a young married women who wanted to take on the challenge of Julia’s coveted cookbook. She cooked 365 days from the cookbook journaling it onto her blog.
      LOVED… the movie.

      I was talking with a friend who said she was a blogger soon after. 
       She showed me her blog she encouraged me to check it out.
       OMG I had no idea there was a world of micro magazines on the web!
       Of course I found the fashion world, then the design and food world. 

      I was so inspired to start one.

      Truth be known I didn’t have a computer, I wasn’t a photographer, writer and we had a dinosaur PC of my husbands that I didn’t know a thing about.

      Long story short, that one died and I had to buy one, My kids said I needed a MAC. 
      Who doesn’t go with what our kids know is best!!!

      Naming the blog… was fun but I had no idea what to call it.
      What will I write about, who will care?

      I began thinking of our biggest obstacle when we first married. 
      His house was dark, dated with brown interior, orange avocado green appliances….
      yucky 50’s -70’s beach house. { I saw potential with the house}!!!

      After we married I moved all my things in & you could see my things and his needed to come together!
      I had to mesh our styles, he was a jock I was a girly model.
      I began designing and decorating our homes to incorporate both our styles.

      All of this inspired my blog name.

       I meshed our style to described us…
      My husband is the casual
      I brought the elegance

      We love how our every day living marries both of our lifestyles.
      The name was easy then…


      See anything out of place here?
      I was doing dishes and looked over to see this!
      My husband and son were throwing the ball last night, 
      they came in washed up 
       that’s where the ball was left!

      How did you come up with your blog name? What inspired you?
      Share it in my comments, would love to know your story!

      OH…Fiinally I took the plunged…Casual Loves Elegance is on INSTAGRAM!!
      No idea how it works or what to do! Any tips on apps or anything send them my way!

      Have a gorgeous weekend!