Happy First Day of SUMMER*
      Summer blossoms from my roses are so welcomed! Here are a few from my garden.

      I’m going to pick up a few more roses that I placed a special order for. I hope they will like the soil here!

      I love the fragrance of the Vintage Cabbage roses. I love love love to have cut roses inside!
      I only plant White or pale pink! I enjoy my pallet cohesive.
      I have been so busy lately, sorry my blogging has been minimal so I hope with school out I can pick up the pace!
      Thanks for hanging in! I have a surprise coming up for yall!
      Have a beautiful day and take time to smell the roses!!!

      Sooo happy about summer! You have a lovely blog! I am now following. Hope you get a chance to check mine out too!

      ciao from Newport Beach