Here in SoCal we have a little break in the heat and it’s a bit overcast and I’m feeling 
      a little Autumn in B&W 
      Would you mind if I take a moment to answer a few sweet emails I frequently get her at CLE…

      Yes Darlins, SoCal is Southern California!

      Yesall photos on my blog are taken by me. I use my own content I’m not searching the web for content and photos, First, I don’t have time. Second, it’s not me or my lifestyle…
      To regurgitate what it already out there, isn’t my style.

      This blog is something I have fun with! 

      Absolutely, by chance, a photo is from somewhere else you bet it will have photo credit. 
      Yes... I do read my emails, I love them!
      I thank you so much and am grateful for y’all taking your time to visit here on my blog 
      The support and the lovely things you have written to me via email or posts that you commented on about my blog are appreciated and Simply Beautiful!
      PHEWWW…now on to
      some Autumn inspired

      A vase full filled with cabbage white roses from my garden..
      Photo: Street Lantern, from inside SEERSUCKER restaurant, San Diego.
      At home… my boyz bathroom
      A little good fortune…
      This vintage hat box that sits on top of our circa 1890’s Linen press. Years ago we bought a property across the street from our beach house which we renovated and sold. The estate had a few fabulous treasures….also sadly some items were badly damaged and couldn’t be salvaged ..
      The sweet women who lived there had many hat boxes, this was a favorite with the leather strap handle. I dusted it off and opened it up and found the shipping label from Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills inside it. It was wonderful to see those simple labels, so classy and elegant. 
      A vintage box at home for all the remotes…

      This photo from the living room of our old beach house…Vintage plates and frames above my son’s vintage toddler bed.. see the pedestal to the right, it belonged to my great Grandparents… still love it!

      A little warm glow from a candle in my kitchen..
        I made this hook from some vintage salvage parts!
      This is another artwork in front of a sconce.. I took these photos inside of a fabulous restaurant in San Diego called “Seersucker”. So much fun having my birthday dinner here!

      Hope you have a beautiful Autumn day inspired by a little B&W…


      Great photos. I had to take a second look at the one with the gold frame and the white cabbage roses. Beautiful!