Ode to Halloween….See it isn’t too Scary at our House…

      I like to keep it magical and fun but I hope it’s a little spooky…
      Since we have moved the Country House we are in a rural area and there isn’t a single trick or treater to be hosted!
      The kids are smart… they opt for the neighbor hoods where the houses are really close….
      The Holidays were really decorated on the outside at our Home at the beach. Lots of drive by lookers at the Holidays!! It was very family oriented neighborhood, families lived there for years and we had a lot of trick or treaters and some parents came toting their glass of ghostly wine!! We watched the little ones grow up over the years and that was a joy to see!
      My Design Tip* Use what inspires you. It’s fun to utilize things like black-n-white french ribbon, fresh flowers, grapevine. Items that you can embellish your Fall/Thanksgiving Holidays with as well. Buy once use twice…
      Have fun decorating,baking and making memories*

      Hi Gail, love your site and will come back and spend more time here!! Wonderful!!

      Art by Karena

      Gail~ whatever you do is beautiful! love the vintage pics…come see us at rsf market one day!! xxooA