Morning Darlins… 

      My longtime dear friend is a talented Wedding show producer, 
      owner and founder of the Sand Diego “Wedding Party Bridal Show”
      Next Sunday 3.17.13 for the first time, the spring show is being held at the beautiful ocean front Historic Hotel del Coronado.
      Haven’t you noticed the trends in today’s weddings have a fresh new vibe? Boho Chic style.
      Seems to me it is a freedom to express style..
       It gives a bride and groom a chance to think outside the box and put their own personal signature on the wedding.
      Here is a few style elements you might be seeing at the next wedding you go to!

      The cakes have a pretty and understated appeal, 
      almost a homemade looking quality to them.
      Like this one!

      A unique car also sets the stage and compliments the Boho feel with it’s vintage coolness. 
      We had a vintage Rolls Royce at ours!
      A white limo would look out of context here wouldn’t it?

      The dining tables vignette has vintage pieces.
       Mixed and matched dishes paired with containers other than vases for the flowers. 
      It is the relaxing continuity of Boho style.

      Touches of natural elements add a warm and earthy atmosphere.
       Refreshing creativity that is unique and adds a homemade nostalgic quality.


      The entire wedding gets it que from the DRESS
      I love the one of a kind statement. This dress with its cotton bodice and butterflies is stunning… 
      I would of worn this in a minute!
      A Boho bride stays clear of the traditional white dress!
      Delicate fabrics are flowing and luxurious.
       Tiny flowers details, unfinished edges are romantic.
       This pale bluish-grey colour is delicious! my pale pink tule vintage designed wedding dress

      As a young Bride
       I struggled with my thoughts of a traditional wedding, wearing a white gown…
       At 16 I made a sketch of my dream wedding gown and kept it.
       I wanted my dress to be one of a kind, I went to a women who made couture gowns with my sketch and some vintage gowns and accoutrements.
      Deconstructing all the dresses and pieces and from scratch, we magically sewed them into this beautiful  pale pink gown.
      I kept my dress a secret surprise… only my parents knew.
      Pink has always been my favorite colour…
      Here is a peak of me on my wedding day above in my favorite pink wedding gown and head piece, perhaps Romantic Chic Boho!

      My design tip: Style comes from within, wear what makes you happy and you will wear it with confidence. A wedding should reflect who you are as a couple, your personality and style.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT BLOG for more and visit my store Casual Loves Elegance for some Boho chic elements for your wedding!

      Have a beautiful weekend,

      Casual Loves Elegance will be at the vintage marketplace with vintage finds!

      Don’t miss the Show 3.17.13 and Boho Vintage marketplace. 
      Print and copy of this ticket and visit the website for all the details and directions!

      You look like a princess! Seriously girlie, fairytale!!! And I agree, a wedding should be what makes the pair happy! 🙂 Lovely pictures thank you!


      Gail, this is lovely. Have a great show!

      Wow you made a baeutiful bride Gail! I love all the details, the antique car is such an elegant touch and that first cake….gorgeous!