A beautiful saturday… 
      Just returned from a 5 mile walk, just lovely… still damp from the rain the other night. 
      Our dogs are laying by the pool and I’m pretty sure will stay there most of the day.

      Gathering on Thanksgiving is special in so many ways. 
      We all have memories of our favorite Thanksgivings. 
      Growing up my family was large, lots of relatives.
       I remember…
       loving those big gatherings, 
      at my grandparents Lake House. 
      We were elbow to elbow seated at the dinner table, squeezing everyone together and saving room in case for one more.

      photos Pinterest
      Simple touches from nature, vintage dish ware, the love of family and friends elbow to elbow at your tables is what I hope for you this Thanksgiving.

      Close your eyes for a moment.. try to remember what you love most about this special day!

      My Design tip: Set your table and place around your home things that hold meaning, bring a smile and warm your heart.

      Blessing to you,
      xo, me

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       do some holiday shopping!

      Beautiful images…loving your "elbow to elbow" memories.

      Oh Gail, my favorite is the out doors setting covered in fall.
      How beautiful is your ThanksGiving post. I remember these family gatherings of thanks get now years past, growing ups and time has not been kind, our family has lessened and smaller it gets. So this year it will be quiet kind, and giving…. We are going to feed the local homeless and see the smiles on their faces on this day of giving.


      Happy Givings of Thanks