Happy Saturday
      Design with a Black and White aesthetic is unique. 
       Amazingly cheks all the right boxes.
      It’s casual
      elegant & timeless.

      From exteriors of quaint shops to houses.
      Unforgettable spaces can be centered around these two colors.

      Adding character to spaces with accents of black or white wood pieces.

      A childs room is calming, cozy & playful with just the right elements and textures of black and white.

      Black & White will always be at the helm of the Fashion and Design world.
      All photos from this post curated from Pinterest

      My Design tip: Give a black and white space warmth with vintage materials, nothing to shiny, Textures and softness are key.

      Enjoy this summer weekend.

      I love these images you shared Gail. Black and white is so classy any way you do it, I think!
      love it!

      Black and white is a favorite – so chic and sophisticated! Love the child's room!!

      Black & White. Always perfect, sleek & correct.
      Love the pics.

      We have a black and white checkered floor in our kitchen and dining room….for many years I had nothing but black and white décor, but now have added gray and natural tones. PERFECT! Have a great Sunday, Gail! Anita