Sweet day to you,

      I woke up early, quickly baked cinnamin rolls and packed one for school, it’s my sons second day back!

      This morning there was a little fog lingering about,
        I thought it would be fun to make my 


      This antique light base sits in the isle between the trees.
      The slice of trunk is from a old tree here & a few roses I cut from the garden.

      A few favorite vintage things to set the day…

      This little tradition I’ve continued evolved from my mom, I miss her… especially today…
      A few quiet moments to reflect on the year that’s past & set my direction for the new year ahead.
      A moment for me…

      A beautiful day is ahead, the sun is clearing the fog!

      If it’s your Birthday today
       or this Month 
      HAPPiest of BIRTHDAY wishes to you too!!!

      Happy Pink Birthday to you Gail. Your lemon grove is so romantic and a lovely setting to reflect on all the beauty of your life. xo

      Hi Dore,
      Thank you for the sweet Birthday message, I wish you could have lemons there too, What about Grapefruit or oranges? I've heard they do well in heat.

      Enjoy the last few days of summer!

      A very sweet grove birthday to you. Where else would a birthday be more scented then the beauty of a lemon grove.

      So wish it were my grove, lemon trees on the Desert do not grow here, I want to move more central or southern beach Ca. So I can have some lemon trees, so jealous of your beauty that surrounds you.

      See you soon,
      Again Happy Birthday August baby.

      Love the sweet vintage photo of you making a innocent birthday wish I am sure of that.