I love to listen to the Good Ole Boys of Hollywood…

      Growing up, my family played their music and watched their shows & movies. You know, I have grown to appreciate that time as well… it’s so romantic and smooth..
      I took my husband to a spot here in town that has fabulous photos, I love them so much and I especially adore black & white photographs so I took a few shots of them.
      The Girl …. is me. From my archives!
      Hope you put on some cool music and enjoy some of old Hollywood greats!!
      Skip the smoke, though wine is cool….
      Photo with Bing Crosby and his family is taken in Rancho Santa Fe, right around the corner in So. Cal.

      Love this post so fabulous
      You fit right in with the old
      hollywood pictures.

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I Love what you do, and am now following…. Very Cool!
      Sorry… the table is sold…. but… I try and post everyday…and put a few of the daily gatherings on…
      {I like Ralph, too…and… I've really gotten into Sinatra…Cool Cats….Frank and Nancy… Those Boots… oh dear…}
      Barb C.