Happy Holiday’s Darlins…
      It’s official, we’re off to begin the holidays.

      I officially began with evergreens…
       Each year I anticipate the smell of christmas, it truly inpires me.
      I came home with fragrant wreaths, over a hundred feet of fresh pine mixed garland for our mantles, headboards & doorways. 
      It’s amazing just having them in my truck made me happy!
       I’m always thrilled when the Christmas greens are up,
       I love * love * love * these simple beautiful gifts of nature draped around our home.

       Nothing says welcome to the Holidays more beautifully…
      besides fresh baked cookies!!!

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      You know what we will be doing today! 
      Time to break out the Christmas music, humming already!

      My Design tip: Whatever size your space is or style & budget, evergreens are beautiful on their own.

      I hope you will take time to savor…
       every moment this season has to offer.
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