Morning Darlins,
      Discarded pieces of art.
      Olde & chippy frames with the silver or gold leafing missing, pieces of the gesso gone forever.
      I’m referring to the beauty of a vintage frame.
      “Let it be as you found it, let the story be still.” Gail Smith-Peterson

      They don’t necessarily need to have a piece of art mounted in them.
      The first four photos are from my personal collection,  
      here is how I’ve integrated these vintage frames in my home.
      I love to hang hydrangeas in mine from the summers harvest.

      This vintage frame is very large, The scale is perfect for my dining room.
      I’m in love with it!
      I recently found this chuncky black frame in the midwest last month,
       & I love it propped up on a vintage architectural corbel.
       Slipped in a vintage B&W family photo.
      These are two gold frames I snuggled inside of each other, 
      {the sides aren’t showing in this pic,  
      see the second frame at the top?}
      This frame, I found at a barn sale at NaDa farm. The burlap, GB is just the right size. 
      I hung it inside this vintage pine armoir. 
      Each of these frames has an elegance of it’s own…

      Some inspiring ideas others did with theirs!
      from Pinterest
      I hope you will dust off the vintage frames you have, or at least the next time your Auntie says… 
      Do you want this old frame? Quickly respond YES! 
      If you’ve walked by vintage frames before or saw them here at SSO, 
      now I hope you won’t pass them by.

       Let’s begin to see the beauty 
       use them in fresh new ways.

      My Design tip: Simply hang or set the frame where you desire, something will be inspiring to hang inside.

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      A beautiful day to you!