Afternoon lovelies…

      So excited I found this beautiful little crown sterling spoon.
      I was pulling out some silver &  linens for a little event I am hosting
      & I found this…
      Don’t you love when you see something that you already have & love?
       I do!!!
      I adore petite crowns…

      I hope your week will surprise you with something you love & haven’t seen in a while!

      I love your little crowns…I just found your blog through my friend Dore. What a lovely blog you have. xxo

      Oh Gail, this is the serving spoon for me !
      I would love to pull out a drawer and find a surprise like your spoon. It's little pieces like these that make entertaining so inspiring.

      You should come for a visit to my place, at the bottom of the post you will find my art in creating French wire work where you will find my crowns. Would love to hear what you think.
      Oh, Gail I am so funny, you did come visit my older posting with a couple of crowns. Oh well, I didn't want to have to start all over with a comment for you:)

      I will be looking forward to what other surprises you find to post and inspire.