Yesterday was such a Beautiful Day here in So.Cal.

      I woke up this morning with memories of the Boyz “play house” my husband built at our Beach House…
      When he first told me he was making a play house, I thought how cool, he will love it..
      Well… I was gone for the day and I came home and their was this huge platform on beams about 15 feet in the air… I said my little 4 year old isn’t going up their by himself!
      It turned out Fabulous, he loved it and it worked out just perfect. The neighborhood kids loved to come and play there. It was a perfect design element for the landscaping. The flag flying,the beautiful Ocean view!!!!
      I have such wonderful memories of my Boyz and their friends there.
      This was our first home I was lucky to have full reign on design and decorating.
      It was a special place…

      Hope your having fun Playing House….
      Off to a Baseball game..

      WOW…what a cool fort with a view! Your boys are darling.

      What an absolute dream!!!! I love it..what a incredible place to create lifelong memories for your son. How wonderful that it was your husbands hands who were part of those memories…I love every inch of this story from its inception to the beautiful pictures and the memories that will last a lifetime…beautiful.