Hi Darlins,

      Have you recently noticed the cool gentlemen’s barber-shaving shops popping up?
      It’s a reflection of the past that I hope really takes off again.
       A cool way for our guys to sit in the barber chair and have a connection to their pops!
      Showcasing vintage barber pieces can be an artful statement in a gentlemen’s bath.

      My Design tip: Framing your Grandfather’s or pops shaving tools in a shadow box or vintage cabinet would be handsomely artful.
      You will find this vintage Barber Pole at OMERO Home

      Hop over to OMERO home Blog for my Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” series.
      Enjoy this lovely weekend,

      Hail, the first foto is fabulous, yes we all waited in the car for dad to get a quick grooming, and this shop is a place I would want to visit, it's white vibe is refreshing, clean and on trend but, feels manly in all it white and trims of black, I love it, and would love to see more of this look pop up, in fact maybe some of the tattoo parlor so could take note, so they don't feel so hot topic, or goth, scary, and just plain intimidating. Not that I am tatted up, or even have one to sport, yet parlor so like this would invite a cleaner feel to art and beauty.

      This is a great post, and where do you come up with such great posting ideas?

      Makes me want to open a barber shop, it feels a bit R/A shabby chic for men! lol !!