Sunday morning August 26th I woke up early with anticipation and a slightly churning stomach, wondering how I would first get through the day without tears…and celebrate my Birthday.
      The weather was overcast …I can’t recall a birthday ever that the weather wasn’t beautiful and sunny, being the end of August it is usually a given!

      My morning went like this… I wanted a special treat for my morning so I stopped on Saturday eve at a fabulous little bakery to get a homemade scone.. I really wanted to have some time by myself.  I wanted to use some of my favorite vintage pieces and just quietly sit and reflect on this personal milestone.

      I found this beautiful vintage hair clip in a darling little store, when I first saw it I didn’t realize it said 
      “Happy Birthday”
      A perfect treasure…I had to have it! 
      This is what I did… I went into the Butler’s pantry {that is in process of renovation}… and sat at my favorite little vintage table that my mom had bought for me many years ago…
      I used this vintage marble cake base with a glass dome that came from a european bakery for my scone…

       The glass is etched with the word “Patisserie”

       love love love this piece…
      Placed one little candle for a little wish..
      Cut Roses from my garden…
      Sat and reflected quietly in the early morning with just my thoughts… It was simply all I needed!
      This photo is from my modeling archives, I remember when this editorial piece was shot. I was simply asked by the photographer have fun, just play in the vintage wedding slip without any thing else in the shot, His simple request was … I just want you to be you… I  understood and did exactly that. 
      I learned a lot about myself during those years, grateful for those who believed in my dream with me.
      Sometimes I need to remember and remind myself of his simple request, and use it to re-adjust my life. 
       Just being in the moment and just being me is the best I have…
       It has to be enough and I have remember to have 
      I feel like I have been in the moment these last few days reflecting and celebrating the milestones in my life.
      For my Wishes, the important ones have come true…
      I have thought of something more than a wish for me to do…
      I will do 50 things this year that I haven’t done before. I will keep them in my heart and look back at the end of this year to see how I have done.
       A personal challenge to close out this half of century and prepare for what lies ahead on the second half of my journey.

      I hope your journey is filled with passion for the life you want to live. 
      Always be conscious of the things that inspire you…just to be you!
      That is my wish for YOU…
      Happiness always!

      Just me….

      P. S The sun came out shortly after I had my Nespresso and scone!!

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