Awe…Starbucks you shouldn’t have…. Or what took you so long?

      Ya’ll know Starbucks {I refer to them as Starbucky’s} is introducing Blonde Roast.
      A delicate, golden light roast coffee just for us blondes !!
      How sweet to honor us with our own blend…

      Hmm… maybe they want to have more fun too!!
      As a blonde we immediately assume it’s about us, right … It’s just natural!

      {Back during the time when this photo shoot was taking place, I was only a tea and coco drinker!}
      Hope you have fun with me on this*

      So funny…good to know I have to tell my mom who has several Starbucks gift cards but doesn;t use them claiming the coffee is too strong..a light roast is a very good idea, and I love that they put blonde in the title…smart cookies!