Morning Darlins!

      Finally…. a little break in the heat here in SoCal, time to decorate!
      Sometimes taking a stroll in the neighborhood or a weekend drive
       we see a house that takes our breath for a moment…
      You know the ones I’m referring too! 
      The ones we have to pull over and stop and just gaze at every detail… Each season it’s beautifully decorated porches or driveway gates grab our attention. The seasonal style of decorating is just right and compliments the exterior of the home. We enjoy their attention to detail and creativity to make simple pumpkins or branches appear as works of art.

      LOVE these pumpkins mingled with the potted flowers.
       Cornstalks flanking the front door nicely balances the tall doors.

      Simple pumpkins are sometimes just perfect!!!

      The ornate wood detail on this home is gorgeous…

      This home’s front portico has stunning design detail…
       Accenting the door with a season wreath and foliage invites a warm Autumn feel.

      Love this vintage garden cart embellished with ornamental cabbage and mums. 
      Lettered pumpkins…darling!
      If your out after dark, than you will love this!

      All beautiful and simple yet capture the feeling of Autumn perfectly!

      My Design tip: Seasonal decorating doesn’t need to be over done. Compliment the exterior style of the home, have fun, walk out to the curb and see what needs a final placement adjustment.
      Remember it will be seen from the curb from all who walk or drive by!

      Have a beautiful weekend, maybe you will take a stroll or drive in your neighborhood and find your favorite!

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      then shop…
      Beautiful, unique vintage finds at SECOND SHOUT OUT to decorate the seasons with…
       I’m going there to look for a vintage cart and some lanterns!


      I am so set for Autumn and seeing your fantastic images has got me even more excited now Gail. Love the square wreath!

      Gail, it's still in the 90's here, but this post makes me want to RUN to the shops and buy stuff to decorate the outside of the house for Fall. xx's

      These photos make me want to decorate my front door! Lovely….. It's it's hot today I can't get in the mood. 🙁 maybe when it cool down in a few days.