Set out on a trail this Autumn,
       lace up those walking shoes,
       find a cool sturdy branch for a walking stick & pack a delicious picnic to take along.
       Explore a little
       a lot. 
      Let’s appreciate nature’s beauty as it’s changing right before us.
       Embrace this new season together. 
      Covet a few twigs or pretty leaves & bring them home with you to savor the season.

      Natural wonders to explore around the world…

      1. Central Park, NY
      2. Tollymore Forest, Ireland
      3 .Ramsau near Bavarian Alps
      4. Yosemite Valley, California
      5. Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee
      6. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
      7. Zion National Park, Utah
      8. Nicolet bay, Wisconsin

      My Design tip: Nature’s gifts remind us that were surrounded by beauty, a simple acorn or a leaf is a symbol of the season, Take time to gather a few for your home.

       A gorgeous first weekend of September to you, Happy Labor Day

      Hnop over to Saturday’s “Designing with vintage” Omero home.


      Thank you Gail for inviting us along on your walk, a veggie sandwich is what I brought along for us to share, I hope you had some Fresh squeezed lemonade? It couldn't get any better then this, of course collecting some twigs and leaves and perhaps some abandoned birds nest making up a wood bowl of what nature has to offer if we take a moment to look and listen to what it's telling us.


      Gail I am so looking forward to Autumn while enjoying these Indian Summer days ahead!!

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