Are you ready?

      We are saying goodbye to summer right?
      It’s going be hard with the hot weather we are having!
      I am! 
      We will have to keep the windows and all the french doors open!!!

      Happy Autumn Darlins…
      P.S. I found this one little acorn on the ground on vacation… It was a sign Autumn was around the corner!

      Hi Gail, love your blog! I found you from another blog and started clicking away. Great to find another blogger in So Cal…
      I can't wait to see more Fall styling.

      Awe…Thank you for your sweet comment! Lovely to have you follow…I went to your blog to follow you too! Let me know how to follow and I will be there!

      Hi Gail!
      I am so pleased to meet you!
      You are beautiful, and so is your blog.
      I plan to start decorating for Fall on the weekend.
      Thank you for visiting 34th street!
      I am your newest follower!