Hope your saturday is lovely so far…
      A simple vintage inspired get together with a friend is always fun.
       Our lives are busy and going in many directions. 
      Sometimes you have to make catching up a priority and maybe by invitation…
      The setting… of course in my favorite place, our vintage garden house…
      I made a velvety pumpkin bisque soup with a fresh garden salad.
      A little white pumpkin to fill the bowls until I was ready to ladle the soup.

      I had fun using vintage paintbrushes and little sentiments.
      Vintage monogrammed silver soup spoons belonged to our family. 
      The pretty slate grey linen napkins are from Matteo, they are a lovely birthday present from friends last month!
      This vintage wheelbarrow was perfect to display the wine.

      A beautiful afternoon to be up in the garden house. 
      This picture looks dreamy!
       I took it from the outside looking in through the wavy old glass pane!
      After lunch we walked down to the grove where I have this vintage street lamp base with some pumpkins setting on top of some grape vine.
      Gathering some of our lemons for her to take home as we strolled through the lemon grove.
      We are caught up…
      A lovely way to enjoy a late autumn afternoon with a friend.

      My Design tip: Using vintage garden elements as serving pieces inspire a natural theme and dressing it up with monogrammed vintage silver and beautiful linen napkins is elegant…

      These vintage finds are now offered on my Second Shout Out store Casual Loves Elegance
      Hop over for my Saturday’s Designing with Vintage blog post  and do some shopping for your Autumn gathering!

      Gail, you really know how to make your place so beautiful and inviting! Your table setting in the VINTAGE GARDEN ROOM is so LOVELY. Walking through the lemon orchard is breathtaking~~~the pumpkin vignette on the LAMP POST BASE is too SWOON for!!! As Always, BEAUTIFUL! LOVE YOUR DECOR~~~it's INSPIRING! Roxie

      Gail you truly are ready for Autumn. Your vignettes are beautiful. This is such an awesome post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us. 🙂


      Gail, this is absolutely delightful. So happy you posted it today. xx's