All summer my youngest had been working out every morning, straight to the beach, then in August home from the beach for lunch then to football. So really he has been doing three a day’s. 
      I think he is truly inspired by his older brother!

      Today is a off the chart treat!!!

       I have a special treat for him to celebrate the dedication he has shown and the great kid he is… In july he grew one inch in 17 days! 
      I am one of those very contentious mothers about nutrition.. Boring I know….I don’t do soda… not even diet, they are really BAAAD 
       note: I know it is true, when they are out of my sight I can’t monitor their choices! 

      I have explained my theory to my boys from a toddler age that we are building their body’s for life...
      If they work with me I promised them they would be grateful someday…Does it work? 
      Yes absolutely…
      It works along with good genes …my oldest son was easy and he followed the routine and has an amazing physique, strong work out ethic and still growing i think at 6’4.

      It has always been important to me as a mom to guide them the best I knew how and hope my boys will  grow to be healthy, strong and TALL!!!

      Even if I would of had girls I would of done the same..
      It is organic and every meal it is a must. They love it too…

      Today I’m setting a brownie made with all natural indgredents out for his Fall treat.
      When he walks in the front door I will have it waiting… he will be surprised!

      With a couple of cabins next to it that his dad made years ago,when he was in JR high!
      These are really old… I wish projects today at school would be cool like these….

      Here’s to the weekend, go ahead and have a brownie… don’t forget the organic milk!!!!

      What a delicious looking brownie! Im sure your son will be in love! 😀 Milk is so good for you, you are totally right! Your boys are lucky to have you !