I’m Sorry this is just being posted.
      We lost our internet in our area as of last night, it just was restored!
      By now your having a glass of wine!

      Beginning to feel the season change?
      Without peaking at a calendar it would be fun to guess the month it was,
      only relying on our senses & instinct.
      Something to ponder…
       as were tidying up our foyers, 
      organizing our Autumn accessories for our vintage decor.
      is more about textures
      natural elements.
      Pairing them implies coziness!

      Happy Back to School!
      I love this! 

      My Design tip: Changing the foyer around seasonally helps to get us into the moment. It’s so refreshing to come home to.

      Hope over to Second Shout out blog for the Saturday’s “Desinging with Vintage” post & shop for some vintage for your foyer!

      Happy Autumn, enjoy a beautiful weekend!


      Hi Dore!
      Happy Autumn, though this heat is getting in the way of the changing season!
      Just thinking outload….
      if your foyer is narrow perhaps hang a long piece of reclainmed wood with hooks or vintage door knobs. You could accessorize it for the seasons. Adding a little shelf atop for resting objects would be great! Just a thought, as far as a rug a old chenille would be pretty!
      I bet your home is lovely… but its fun to play house isn't it?

      It's not a well loved season without a display of Vintage salvaged along the way.

      Love all your inspiring photos.
      I am on the hunt for a new area rug with rich winter tones muted with an aged feeling Gail!
      This way I can warm up a room for the holidays and anchor my whites and grey's to it.
      I also wish I had more of an entry to my home that allowed me to spread out the Autumn feeling, it's long and narrower like some of the entry's to these pictures.

      Beautifully well posted, and oh so inspiring…..I would so rather look at your foyer then any other, those doors are captivating and your style is loved.


      Happy Autumn