Hi Darlin’s
      Hope your weekend was great! 
      Last Thursday I came home to a bit of a surprise… not pleasant!
      A door was left un-intentionally left open….
       our {LARGE} dogs must have thought it was an invitation to come in!!!

      I opened the door & was greeted by them both inside the house! 

      I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty…
      all dressed in black & heels I quickly said OUT! 

      They exited quickly because of course they were parched from being in the house for several hours… 

       I ran up stairs changed, came down into the kitchen to find just the recycle bin scattered around the kitchen… hmm not bad, just pick it up and wash the floor…

      Walking to my office checking for signs of anything broken, nothing!
       I walked into the living room and saw paper plate size mudd prints… 
      Oh my goodness, they were LINCOLN’S big paws {Our Saint Bernard puppy who is 10 months and about 145 lbs}
       Interesting I didn’t see small ones from Miss Chloe our Tibetan.

      Seriously it could of been worse…
      Lincoln could of decided to take a nap on the Restoration Hardware leather down sofa…while muddy!
       I checked, amazingly he didn’t touch anything… Just took a stroll around the room and left i think!
      So… after was carpet cleaned, drapery’s dry cleaned, windows washed in and out leather sofa conditioned, it was the perfect time while everything was out of the room to clean it from top to bottom & get it all sparkly for the Holiday’s!
      Then decorated for Autumn a little afterwards…
      our Dining room mantle
      Our Foyer dressed with some Cinderella Pumpkins*

      Don’t forget to close the door!!!!
      Have a beautiful week!

      {I’ll share some living room Autumn next time}


      Your vignettes are stunning!! How crazy to come home to the mess of your mischievous little dogs:) I love how you decorate for fall…GORGEOUS!