Happy Friday Darlins…
      I planted some roses when we started our landscaping. I Love them! Though, I had a bad luck streak with gophers… They ate about 14! So I was told I have to put each one in a metal rose basket!

      When planting my new beds close to the house I did just that. I am so happy that these are still flourishing!

      This Pink beauty is Eden! I love her… she is a climber and her flowers have the most interesting way that they cluster. About 5 huge roses on one stem. I love the heirloom roses or cabbage roses. I don’t bother with others.
      Here she is!                                 My August Rose
      Have a beautiful Friday!
      Tomorrow I will be doing my Designing with Vintage post!


      What a great blog you have created – I really enjoyed coming across it & reading your stories. I especially loved the "Eden" Rose as my late Mother was born in August & she loved Roses – she always had gardens of them & vases full of them. She would have loved this one. Please feel free to visit me anytime at my blog – thanks for the experience – I will be back!

      STUNNING. I can almost smell them from here!

      These are unbelievably gorgeous…how fun you get to see them everyday. Glad you out smarted the gophers!