Hi Darlins,
      i declare August to be my favorite month…

      I L*O*V*E  these things about it!

      A U G U S T
      1 2 3 4 5 6

      * It has 6 letters. 
      My favorite No. is 6

      * It has oodles of sunny days.

      *Everyone is happy. 

      * School’s out.

      *It’s the month I was born.

      *It’s the month I married.

      It’s all around a special month for me.

      Do you have a favorite month?
      Or have you ever thought of declaring one a favorite?

      Let me know if your a August baby too!!

      All month I will share some my favorite’s!

      Here’s my favorite thing about the exterior of houses.

      This front door & entry will be my all time favorite…
       This home was my first design and renovation project, it was our home, the stakes were high!!!

      This front entry portico was complicated, several factors were involved, the other roof lines were a challenge! 
      I  wanted the under side to be curved, 
      Easy peasy right! Not…..
      I heard a lot of words I can’t repeat while trying to fit those boards into the curve. 
      Hours and hours on a ladder, the boards were snapping, the beams had to be engineered etc. 

      We had the door custom made, we loved it.
      I LOVE the way everything turned out after it was all finished and painted White.
      I was in Newport Beach, Ca a couple weeks ago and I drove by this house just being finished. 

      Pretty & Fresh isn’t it?
      It’s going in my Front door LOVE file!
      A modern take on a classic front door entry.

      I’ll be sharing more fave’s, come on by.

      Enjoy this beautiful August summer day.