It’s here! August first.. the only month of the year I can’t wait for!
       From a young girl I knew when it was August, there was something in the air and just something special about how it makes me feel! Absolutely my favorite month of the year!!!
      When I think of August I think of …my BIRTHDAY! My WEDDING! My favorite colour… PINK!
      I have so many memories attached to August…
      I reminisce on the birthday parties my family had for me as a young girl with the pretty cakes with the ballerinas on them or the pretty white frosting with pale pink flowers and striped or polkadot candles!
      I remember all the details as if it was yesterday! Being the only girl my parties were very girly!!

      What do you think these celebratory events are for? Please share your comments… I would love to hear your thoughts!

      For me they are very personal and sentimental, a time to reflect on our past, recall the moments that have impacted our lives and relish them one more time!

      For the month of August I will be sharing bits of my favorite things, stories and lots of PINK!
      Let me know if it is your birthday month or anniversary! We share the best month!
      Photo: A favorite pin of mine of course I love pink gingham!

      Have a beautiful evening!


      Well happy birthday, AND annviersary!! I can see why you look forward to it….for me its bittersweet, means the summers end is near but I do love fall so anticipate that too. Enjoy!

      Hello! What beautiful memories you bring to this month! It is so sweet that its so special for you. 🙂 Cant wait what else you will share with us!