August has always been My Favorite Month. Ever since I was a little Girl, I would dream about August

      It’s my favorite month for many reasons…The two at the top of the list are First My Birthday…Second was My August Wedding. So two occasions to celebrate and to get together with friends. I loved getting beautiful cards from family and friends in the mail.

      The only thing that I would change is my August Birthstone, it’s green peridot!! I have always wondered WHO made those choices…..Surely if they knew me they would of chose Pink*Sapphire.
      I like green… but I’m not wearing green gemstones anytime soon.

      This month I’m going to celebrate my favorite month with my most favorite colour*** Pink.
      All of the photos I post this month will be some of my favorite pink trinkets or memories…..
      Enjoy your weekend,
      A favorite cozy vintage pink satin throw quilt,vintage Millinery and pink crown pin…
      It is perfect, the boyz never grab this one!!!