Happy Friday Darlins…
      On my way home I drive on windy roads and along the road is a horse trail. 
      There is always someone riding… I love seeing them, it is so lovely and makes me smile… 
      The other day, I saw a young girl on a a beautiful reddish horse and her mom was walking with her. The young girl probably 10 ish, had pretty long hair that matched the horse!

      I started to reminisce on a campaign I did. 
      I looked back in my modeling archives and found some pics of my 
       Killian’s Irish Red campaign for Coor’s.
      Interesting story behind the scene at the agency….
      The advertising agency first cast was for true red head models. 
      They choose a model and did the campaign shoot.
       The client (Coor’s) wasn’t happy and began the search again.
      My agency had a request from them to see me… (I’m blonde).
       I go on the casting, they call and want to book me for the campaign!
      Then, the big question came…. would I dye my hair? 
      At first they (my agency) said no, 
      then the ad agency explained it could be a temporary color and it would wash out. 
      Sooooo long story short we agreed after a week of negating.$$$ 
      I would have to be compensated on top of the campaign for loss of bookings for my unblonde time.  Loved my agent…. she was brilliant!!!!

      SO here is where it gets giggly!!!
       First, I had never died my hair so it was very porous…
       I had other bookings scheduled so I didn’t have time to go to a hair color specialist.
        I was out of time and had to do it myself!!!!!
      SOoooo via telephone… they tell me what to buy and how to do it.
       Seemed simple enough….
      It was late afternoon, carefully and nervously followed the instructions to a T.
       After I finished towel drying I took the towel off and looked in the mirror….
      I couldn’t believe the color!!!
      Darlins it was
      Lucille Ball color of red!!!!
      They sent a photo of the horse, my hair shade had to match. 
      This was too red!!!
      Oh my gosh I was in a panic.
       I called the hair stylist and she said oh my I forgot you have virgin hair…
      Long story short….
      I called my hairdresser and she said come over, I was at her place till midnight.
      She did two more colors on top of it to get the shade.
      She assured me she was using a conditioning color!!!!!!!!
      Terrified all that processing was going to make my hair fall out!!

      My mom came to pick me up to take me to the airport.
       When I came out of the house she screamed!
      (She forgot I was dying it and she hadn’t seen it yet)
      Then she hugged me and said it was stunning!!!
      Yeah I thought… my mom is so sweet she’d say that!!!

      It didn’t matter what my mom thought…
       It was the ad agency and the client Coor’s.
      When I arrived in Colorado they were gathered waiting…
      They all looked at each other and patted each other on the back and said Beautiful....
      What a relief…. 
      They were so awesome… 
       The next morning we went to the outdoor location near the most fabulous little town of GOLDEN, Colorado for the shoot, then the next morning in the studio.
      I asked them at dinner why me? I was a blond…
      (That is when they told me why they scrapped the first campaign). 
      They said we know, but you had everything else and we just had to match your hair colour with the horse and you would be the girl!

      So there you have it… I laughed about the hair fiasco later!
      The horse was so sweet and beautiful…
      his white star on his forehead that was colored to match too!
      Do we match?
      This was a stand up store display

      This picture is about 6 months later (not weeks) ha!
      The colour faded into this really pretty honeyish shade for a while.
      These photos are out takes  
      from the shoot. Except the last one is from a lingerie catalog.

      My agency heard that it was Killian’s Irish Red’s brand most successful campaign. 
       They re-booked me for the next year but I had to cancel the booking because….

       I was found out I was expecting my first baby!!!!

      {I didn’t feel comfortable promoting a alcohol product while pregnant}

      Have a beautiful friday Darlins…

      Beautiful pictures! =)


      Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Gail! It seems you had a GOOD experience in the modeling world and have a BLESSED LIFE! It's a pleasure to read of your experiences~~~~from one sweetie to another~~~Roxie