Hi Darlins…
      Happy midweek!
      Prepping to decorate for Halloween next week… Are you?
       Here is a quick pic of our foyer today.
      before…. Halloween!
      I dried some lavender from the garden for the last two weeks.
      It smells delicious, so easy to do….
      I should probably harvest it all and do some baking!
      My calendar in the kitchen says it’s the middle of the week…

      Have a beautiful Autumn Wednesday evening!

      Hi Gail,
      It's been to long in between visits, I am so looking forward to seeing all that you will be inspiring through all the holidays to come. That entry foyer is breathtaking, love the lime wax looking doors, I to have pieces with this very distressed looking finish on pieces of mine. Did you do this finish yourself, or found the doors as they are?
      I live in southern Calif as well.

      I am going back to catch up with older postings of yours.

      Keep inspiring your grace and beauty!

      Thank you…I would love to have you follow! I will be visiting you often too! HAve a beautiful weekend!

      Your entryway looks sensational! Love your style! Following you too!