Welcoming a Beautiful first morning of February…

      I have such a fondness  LOVE for vintage  furniture.
      distinctly remember
      a very large round ottoman that my grandparents had at their lake house.

      Tufted with beautiful silk twisted fringe from the top edge to the floor.
      Upon entering the room through french doors it was the first piece you saw.
      Etched in my memory….placed in front of the fireplace.
      When we gathered in that room it was my favorite place to sit.
      Unique furniture pieces are something I love to incorporate into a space. 
      This room is gorgeous, the settee stops you in your tracks… 
      the icing on the cake!

      Is this a ottoman, a tuft a poof or a settee? 
      It’s exquisite!
      So if you know of or see one of these vintage round settees let me know, 
      it’s on the top of my scout list!

      My Design tip: Seating should be comfy and get attention, like a piece of art.
       A unique piece will be a memorable statement.

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      on my series Saturday’s “Designing with vintage”
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      A beautiful day to you!


      Gail, this doesn't look like any lake house I've ever seen…I love it! Just wonderful!