Morning Darlins…
      Every once in a while… I find a really unique property for a client that is off their check list box if you will…
      It’s rare, I have come to understand that having a vision is very black and white.
       Either you have vision and get it, or you don’t and get overwhelmed.
      Discovering who has this abliity and gets it, is the question I’m discovering!
       Saying…oh yeah, I see it! In reality they don’t.
      Time is a precious commodity… for all of us, especially my house hunting clients. 
      I don’t want to waste anyone’s time taking them down a road if they don’t have the vision.
       It can be very overwhelming and discouraging for them.
       That’s ok… It’s my job, to carefully gage what clients have this vision and are comfortable.
      Those of you who are designers, will know what I’m saying here!

      A lovely story for this…
       I was previewing listings for an out of town client intereted in purchasing a property here. 
      I found several listings that fit her must haves.
       Hmm…searching, I saw a property that intrigued me. 
      Thinking to myself, if the location of the property was were I thought it was, it could be fabulous…
      I had to see it! 
      After previewing the little primitive cottage and walking the property till dark, my thoughts were…it’s a gem in this area!
      I was meeting the couple in the morning for the first tiime and taking them out to see the properties I had set up. A lovely couple! 
      I hoped to get a feeling with each property, that we were to tour.
      As the day went on I felt she was one of those rare people who was articulate, detail orientated and clearly had design vision. 
      The little gem was special and I thought if we shared the vision then I should tell them about the gem property after we see everything.
       If they were on board, I would take them to see it at the end of the day. 
      Primitive, bare bones, yet utilities already there, character and potential up on a knoll with a couple acres!
      When I saw the property, I took this picture and instantly visualized what it could be transformed into…
       My vision was seeing it without taking away its original cottage character, which was cozy and charming.
      photo: pinterst

       I visualized something like this!
      Are you with me? Do you see it?
       Implementing architectural salvage pieces to add a bit more personality and style…without compromising the integrity of the original charm.
      Interior details can be amazing with vintage salvage pieces,
       like this vintage cornice facia off an old building.
      Using this Antique street light base you could create a stunningly elegant table with adding a thick glass top.
      A glass top would let you see the details of this beautiful base. 
      This would be a beautiful foyer piece with a flower arrangement!
       Or a glass top round dining table surrounded with some french chairs…
      Collecting accessories for your project is where you can really add some charming character.
      Using exterior architectural elements like this vintage corbel inside to hold up a shelf, or placing a hanging jar of flowers off the finial. Propping up framed art or a photo would also be cool!
      This vintage shelf is pefect for holding latte bowls, some vintage linen napkins, a favorite cook book and some pretty garden flowers in a kitchen!

      My Design tip: When collecting vintage pieces such as a wood corbel shown above,finding a pair or many is difficult. Find a wood turner, they can replicate your corbel and give you as many as you need. You just paint them or stain them all to match.

      In closing my little story….
      At the end of the day, my instincs felt the client was looking for something more than her list…something special, a peaceful place that she could design her own spaces. 
      She loves painting, so I thought how inspiring this setting could be for her. 
      So charming, quiet and relaxing.
       I felt it,when I first drove on to the property. 
      I hoped they would feel it too!
      As we drove to the property, she looked at me and I could see she was on board.

      I love working with people in Real estate.
       Sometimes it is what they don’t say, that I hear…

      Have a beautiful weekend!

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT blog for my “Saturday’s Designing with Vintage” series. 
      Street light base, corbel and shelf are available in my store!

      P.S. Email me… I would love to assist you in searching for one or just transforming one!


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