Morning Darlins,
      When I see an old door with it’s original hardware I almost feel honored. 
      In fact I am!
      Touching details that have endured a hundred years or more is so amazing.
       Thinking of the people who have used the handles going in and out, what were their lives like etc…
      Antique hardware has me wondering how the trades aquired the tools back then to make such intricate pieces. 

      So much attention to simple function, though crafted in such a beautiful way.

      Knobs, locks, skeleton keys & doorbells…
      Everyday parts that were created like pieces of art.
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      When we are out & about or traveling the world and we happen to see hardware like this.. 
      Let’s take a moment to appreciate the intricate work that has endured all. 

      Honestly I scout for vintage doors & windows just for the hardware. 
      I incorporate them into my renovation projects.

      My Design tip: Use vintage hardware when you can. A new door can be uniquely enhanced with history.

      A beautiful weekend to you.

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