Happy Friday… 
      Autumn is apple season in our local mountains…
      Julian, California has apple picking, apple cider, carmel apples and it’s famous for it’s Apple Pies!
      So fun to go and spend the day there.

      We eat a lot of apples how about you?
      This is our apple tree and it is in bloom …
      I love the blooms on the branches I wish I had the nerve to cut a bunch and bring them in the house and fill my vases! I don’t… I can’t cut them they are too special!!!
      It is always a challenge to keep the birds away from them so they can grow big and juicy!
      I don’t know the variety of these. 
      This tree was here on our property.
      Oh my gosh … see the two in the back? 
      These are only available in the grocery once a year. 
      Super yummy…they are giant Honey crisps...
      See how big they are next to just the normal honey crisp!
      My Favorite apple.

      Pretty roses and salvia from my garden
        making the kitchen smell lovely while we cut the apple in lots of pieces to share…
      Have a pretty delicious friday!

      Yummy and pretty. My favorite are Mackintosh which are only available now too.
      Have a beautiful weekend.