Morning Darlins…
      A beautiful last morning of March.

      This morning I am loving seeing my newest Antique pine piece. 
      It’s a very tall, one door armoire.
      Yesterday afternoon I picked it up, I couldn’t wait to get it home!
       After a thorough vacuuming & wood cleanse with Murphey oil soap.
      LOVE  LOVE LOVE it!
      Inside has the cutest little drawer. Very primitive no track…
      First thing I did…
      Changed the knob..
      I wanted a pretty little glass knob, 
      just so happens I have a little collection of them!
      I have a few ideas of where & what will go in it, for now I will use it for big pieces to store during the renovation.
      White Ironstone platters… 
      Cake plates & vintage dome.
      That’s all…I took the pictures last night and it was pretty dark so they are a little fuzzy!

      My newest vintage find…
      I’m so excited it’s found a home, here! 
      A gorgeous day to you!

      You too Vera! Have a lovely week will hop over to visit you!

      Yes I was thinking the piece should have more shelves too! I think it was originally meant for a wardrobe. The shelves are made with boards and they seem like an add on. Will have to find some old pine to make some… Thank you for sharing with me!

      I agree with Doré I too would add shelves for better usage. I think it's a lovely piece.
      Enjoy your week.

      Hi gail, its à beautiful morning over hère with you… What a beauty and so moves right into all of our hearts. Speaking for myself I would add a lot of shelving to the piece making room to load it down with beauty.

      It's a piece to LOVE my friend.