Sometimes are you drawn to to something beautiful and can’t explain it but you LOVE it instantly…
      I can say this is true with me…
      About 20 years ago I found these Antique frames they were with these prints inside.
       I looked at the scenes  and they were so beautiful…
       I noticed it was a Christmas scene. The I fell in love with the delicate 
       carving on the frame… it had Holly with a bow! 
      I Loved them and thought they would be perfect under a set of antique oil lanterns that had the same motif on them A bow and Holly swag. 
      What are the chances of finding that motif twice!
       That is why I was drawn to it, already familiar.
      The black metal lanterns lights were converted to electric
      I still have the prints though my lights stayed with my beach house!

      I have a collection of old mirrors and a vintage window all black and I love them together.
      Also see the Antlers and the black farm table?
      Enjoy your friday*